Facebook Ad Cloaking Made Easy.

Empower your media buying with our platform and conquer ad campaign costs while boosting profitability. Our Cloaker technology ensures you overcome Facebook Ad Bans effortlessly!

How It Works?


We monitor IP addresses, devices, network types, and various data points, giving you valuable insights.


Our AI algorithms identify genuine visitors from fraudsters and bots, safeguarding your interests.


Once algorithm detects fraudsters or bots, it stops serving them ads, ensuring you get genuine traffic.

How Can Black Scale Media Help You?​

Advanced Filtering/Cloaking

Black Scale Media employs advanced algorithms to assess IP addresses for proxies, VPNs, or problematic IPs.

Geo Targeting​

Our platform offers geo-targeting options when setting up campaigns, allowing you to target any location.

Landing Page Protection

Our platform doesn’t just stop bots; it also blocks problematic IPs from VPNs, virtual servers, proxies, and crawlers.

Profile Creation & Farming

Our advance technology enables you to create interest based profiles with automated account warming.

Anti-detect Browser

Stay under the radar & avoid detection. Fast & easy switch between profiles without leaving a trace.

Automatic Safe Sites

Using advanced AI technology, we create legitimate safe sites based on theme and subject you provide.

Our Success Stories

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At Black Scale Media, we understand the significance of proactive steps in your business journey. Don’t hesitate; fill in the form and schedule a demo now to unlock the full potential of Black Scale Media and propel your business to the next level.

Additional Perks You Get

Virtual Card Creation​

Avoid payment issues with our virtual card creation system. Fund using Crypto or Wire Transfers.

Mass Launcher

Easily manage and launch multiple campaigns at once with our bundles and mass launching feature.

Auto-appeal System

Our automated appeal system gets your banned accounts back with zero effort.

More Features

Auto Ads Rules
Proxy Management
Creative Masking
​Auto-Create Pages
Auto-Create BMs
Auto-Create Ad Accounts
​Enable/Disable 2FA
Facebook S2S Pixels
Post back Tracking
Developers Account
Messenger Chatbot

Simple. Affordable plan for everyone.​

Core Modules

Ads Manager

Ads Launcher
Anti-detect Browser
Profile Manager
Auto Rules
Comment Moderation
Auto-safe Sites
Account Farming
Account Creation


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